“Your Story Your Life — Be a Creator of your own life. Make it and create it the way you want.”

Be in Gratitude

I still remember when 2021 was going to start, lot of doubt, lot of insecure feeling as after 2020 pandemic, I think we all were little prejudice how the life is going to take us… Isn’t it! 🙀…

Everything was stand still at that time. I didn’t have any clue how the business is going to pick up, all small business owners have lost the hope, we developed lot of insecurity …

And at that moment I realized that If I am still alive then it means there is some reason, as I believe everything happens for the reason…So, there is a saying if one door closes, God opens the another door for you.

Even though I was concerned about my work and everyday working to find out the solutions to handle that tough time. On the contrary that was the phase I really got time for myself , I got the opportunity to explore my own self… I did my S.W.O.T analysis and realized my own potential. That was the time I found out My Purpose, My Ikigai, got my reason to live…

I started 2021 with full acceptance and Gratitude 🙏…I got time to breathe in and take a Pause from my day to day affairs. Pause is always good, Pause gives us ideas, Pause gives hope, Pause gives us opportunities which we might have forgotten… Pause gives us opening when everything is standstill…It works like safe guard and gives us clarity.

From that time, I learned to be calm and accept what is happening around me. I learned to trust myself. I feel I have not worked so much in my life as much as I have worked in this pandemic time. This time has helped me in exploring more into ME. I was totally out of my comfort zone and dived deep to excel my skills. For me 2021 is like an exploring year. That was the year I actually decided to be a Coach and started exploring my wings more widely and going into the depth of coaching line…

As we all know that nothing you get on the platter, so, to be master of our own subject, we need to explore and understand deeply …

As I was going into my own depth, I was able to understand my own strengths and weaknesses clearly. As I was going deeper, I was getting the clarity of my ‘IKIGAI’ and I felt that this is my purpose and that’s why I am still here and alive.

This year has helped me achieve the goal of becoming an Author. I never thought that I will ever write a book, I always had doubt in me but these two years of my life has shown different side of mine which I myself was not aware of and I wrote a book called Find my ‘ME’. Find My ‘ME’ is the platform for our Self realization, Self- Healing where I have shared my life experiences and the lessons learnt from that.

I learnt that no one is expert ever. The ‘I KNOW’ attitude will never work. We all learn every day, every moment. As I am going deeper, my purpose is becoming more clearer and more refined to me. It’s not necessary that what we plan always align with your vision … Lot of ups and downs come but most important is how ‘YOU ARE’ at that time of confusion, how one handles that situation…It is completely our own choice, it’s in our control. Isn’t it?

Book — Find my ‘ME’

Life is like a rollercoaster, only thing is we need to tighten our ropes, hold the string tightly and will reach to our destination.

We need to trust in all-mighty and everything happens wonderfully. 2021 was the blessed year for me, a new identity, I became a grand mother.😊 That’s the gift universe has given me and blessed me with lot of more courage, hope, more responsibilities and more opportunities.


Now we are entering to another year 2022, starting with a New Hope, New Goals, New Vision and I’m hoping that this year it’s going to be better than 2021….

If we are determined and clear about our goals and dreams then one step is enough to reach to our desired destination….If every year we are progressing step-by-step then it means that we are growing and going closer to our purpose. Purpose is nothing but the REASON TO LIVE…

I wish you all a very happy New Year and my message to you that never lose your hope, the life is about Possibilities and Possibilities only come to your life when you are open for it when you have trust in you, have faith in you. And more important is when you are aligned with your values and ready to take an action. And if confused, take a Pause and start your journey again…😊😊

Look for your IKIGAI today….😊

Have a wonderful year ahead, Make specific goals and create your vision to fulfil, that eventually leads to your Success…

Have a wonderful day.😊😊❤️

Lots of love 💕

Vandana ( Pen name — Vindi Kohli)

Author/ Entrepreneur/ Healer

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Do you wish to explore your Inner self this Navratri? Are you willing to understand the real meaning of this Navratri and give yourself the gift of Purification- purification of your Body, Mind and Soul?

Our deep-rooted culture has a solid underlying logic behind every Indian festival and other than just having fun while celebrating them, there are many scientific reasons as to why that is done during certain times of the year.

‘Navratri’ means ‘nine nights.’ ‘Nava’ means ‘nine,’ and ‘Ratri’ means ‘night.’

Night provides rest and rejuvenation. During the night, you turn inwards through sleep, and you wake up feeling refreshed and rested in the morning. In the same way, Navratri or the ‘nine nights’ is that time of the year when you get the chance to experience deep rest. This deep rest brings freedom from all kinds of botheration, deep relaxation, and creativity.

Fasting, meditation, prayers, and other spiritual practices performed during this period help bring about this deep rest. Even refraining from over-indulging in sense objects during this time aid the process of attaining deep rest.

Significance of Navratri

Goddess of Fierce, Goodness, Knowledge and Enlightenment

Navratri is an exploration of the three main forms of the Goddess — Durga, Lakshmi and Sarasvati.

The nine days of Navratri are classified as per the three basic qualities of tamas, rajas and sattva. The Tamas, where the goddess is fierce, like Durga and Kali. The next Lakshmi-related — gentle but materially oriented goddesses. The last one is Sarasvati, which is sattva. It is related to knowledge and enlightenment.

The festival of Navratri is dedicated to the feminine nature of the Divine. Masculine and feminine are not about being physically male or female. These are two qualities. The feminine can be as alive in a man as it is in a woman. Only when these qualities happen in balance, can a human being live a life of fulfilment.

Let us understand this by using an analogy of Tree, which I always talk about. In my book Find My ‘ME’, I have deeply spoken about Tree analogy, if you call the root the masculine, the flower and the fruit is feminine. The very purpose of the root is to bring the flower and the fruit. If that does not happen, the root will go waste. Survival by itself does not take care of everything. After survival is taken care of, the subtler aspects of life must happen to you.

As per Hindu scriptures, the Navratri marks the beginning of the two seasons — Summer and Winter and those 9 nights are the time for the seasonal change. Since this seasonal change is natural, our age-old Ayurvedic and Naturopathic systems of healing health state that eating foods like garlic, onion, meat, grains, and eggs etc. continuously at all times make us prone to catching all kinds of energies. Energies that are not good, not just from the surroundings but even by absorbing those very energies that were present in what we ate. They say that at times, especially during season change since our body’s immunities always lie low and when we eat high-energy foods, we make ourselves susceptible to catching seasonal diseases. So how do we treat this problem?

Did you know that everybody — every single person — requires purification a minimum of twice a year to maintain a perfectly healthy body balance. So, I feel that because of this concept, came up the Navratri fasting so that we could cleanse our systems.

But we tend to eat more as somewhere it is in our mind that we are fasting. Isn’t it?

Basically, the scientific logic behind these fasts and the main reason is to enable the person to benefit from Detoxification, Mindfulness and Self Control.

During the Detoxification phase as we give up certain foods for 9 days, our bodies start to detoxify. We cleanse our system and lighten ourselves by eating easily digestible foods like fruits which clean our digestive system and vegetables that build it. In this way, we prepare our digestive and immune system for the upcoming season.

So those who fast are doing the perfect thing by taking care of themselves as it’s only during fasting that our internal organs get rest and thus start to heal and recover from their daily work stress. But for those who can’t fast, do yourself a favour by trying to not eat any heavy foods which you feel slow your digestion or cause you to discomfort like meat, eggs, chicken, spices, grains etc. for these 9 days to give your system a part-time break.

Now coming to Mindfulness, which is a wonderful thing and enables you to think clearly while putting your mind at ease. Fasting twice a year lightens your entire system, keeps your mind fresh and doesn’t allow you to develop brain fog. This happens because during fasting when your digestive system is at rest, your mind works at a faster speed from the fresh and positive energies it gets from all your intakes — physical, mental as well as spiritual — giving you clarity of thought.

Lastly, it’s all about Self-Control which is indeed the gut of fasting. This is the toughest because when you try to stop yourself from eating what you are accustomed to, you are trying to break an ongoing pattern that you’ve been following all through. And if you can succeed at this, you can succeed anyhow because by doing this you will develop an amazing discipline that leads to strengthening your will power and building solid self-control, making you the true ruler of your mind.

So, Lets purify our Mind, Body, and soul on this Navratri.

Special Tips………

· Start your day and end your day with gratitude.

· Meditate for 20 minutes, Yoga, or exercise for 45 minutes. Walk for 20 minutes.

· Have herbal tea in the morning and after half an hour have Coconut water.

· If you can skip one meal and only have fruits and raw veggies. This will help in cleansing your process.

· Replace the sugar with jaggery.

· Avoid too much of dairy products. Ghee content in the food must be monitored to the maximum. To use only 2–3 teaspoons of pure ghee daily as well use only Pink Salt.

· Instead of juices, have seasonal fruits. Only seasonal Vegetables.

· Have minimum 3 litres of water in a day. Water can be plain or made detox by adding things like mint, lime, orange, apple etc. to it.

Enjoy this Navratri by being totally in the Awareness state. Have conscious eating, Conscious talking, Conscious Action and Conscious Living.

Be conscious on your reactions, Complete Surrender and Let go…

Let’s start our journey towards our Self-Healing and Self-awareness TODAY…

I hope you enjoy this article. Wishing you, your family, and your loved ones a very happy and blessed Navratri.

Lots of love and Affection😊

Vindi Kohli 😊

Author, Holistic Coach, Lifestyle Mentor, and a Mind Counsellor.

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2020 would be the year of Change, the year of Progress, the year of New Beginnings.

New Beginning

By default, for most mothers, their personal goals revolve around their children. Being a single mother to three beautiful girls, I was always concerned about them and their future. Therefore, my excitement and happiness knew no bounds when my oldest and youngest daughters tied the knots with their respective Prince Charming in 2019 & 2020.

2020 was an overwhelming year. What happened this year will most likely stay in my heart for a long time. When I look back over this past year, I cannot help but be grateful for a love story that blossomed out of all the chaos and uncertainty surrounding this pandemic. A love story or a relationship which we do not usually get time for because of our mundane lifestyle and daily firefighting. A love story between Me and Me alone. A quest for discovering more and more about yourself and a want to Find My ‘ME’ more often than not, we go through a rehearsed pattern of life and love, where we learn to love our parents, siblings, our pets, friends, partners, or materialistic things.

In this circus of life, we hardly ever see the importance of falling in love with yourself. Just you and you yourself are alone. We do not realize the importance of knowing; what makes me happy? what do I like? What upsets me? What I like doing?

To make others happy around us, we tend to let our personal wishes and desires take a back seat.

One major shift I brought in my life from past 5 years is the Trust, consistency, and discipline towards my own self. I practiced learning to be my own friend, to understand ‘ME’ well. The COVID-19 Lockdown just helped me to finally Find My ‘ME’.

This year was the year that taught me so much about Self-love, Relationships, and Life. And here am sharing some precious lessons from 2020.

@Sunny, Zoey, my companions


The lock down was a blessing to me.

In my mechanical 9–6 routine of going to office in the morning and coming late in the evening, I used to always think that I am worth so much more. I have the ability and skill of doing something very innovative and potentially valuable. Instead, I was so caught up in day-to-day activities and never really found the time to push myself to my maximum capabilities. At the end of the day, I used to wonder if I have actually done anything.

There were so many such thoughts in my mind from the past couple of years. Thanks to the universe who was always guiding me and showing me the right path. I got the time out that I was desperately looking for. I had all the time to give to myself, which I truly deserved.

I made use of each day and each moment. I felt that I have not worked so efficiently and devotedly, as I did during the lockdown. May be my mind was relaxed, no pressure of being answerable to anyone. It was my time and mine alone. I really loved it.

First, I evaluated my business and created the SWOT analysis report of the management, employees, and MY OWN SELF. This gave me the clarity that I was looking for. I created a proper roadmap for my existing businesses.

Each moment I was in gratitude, I have used each corner of my house and for the first time in these 20 years of my challenging life, I had enjoyed being at home like never before. My two lovely Beagles were the greatest companion to me.

First thing I did is I created the study place for myself near a window where I can peep out and take energy from the universe all the time. These babies of mine would sleep peacefully in this room as if it is their own territory.


Not everyone entering your life stays with you for ever in your life, and that is what I learnt in 2020.

Some people are friends, and some are just acquaintances. And 2020 has helped us to see it clearer. It is ok if you do not have a lot of friends. You must let people go and free up the space for someone that deserves it. These trying and testing times tell us and teach us the real value of friendship. We need to let go of some people and create the energy around us to attract the people who will make some difference in our life. A small and tight circle can be the best support network. With the extra time we have at home, this can be a great opportunity to build stronger bonds with our real friends.

@New ME- Vindi Kohli


We normally do not value what we have. A healthy body, a breathing lung, a beating heart, these things we take for granted without realizing that can all can be taken away from us any moment.

That is why I am so grateful. It is a blessing to wake up with a roof over my head, knowing that my loved ones are ok. No money can buy the “basic things”. And I may not have realized all of the above if it were not for all the things that happened in 2020.

I immediately started my yoga practices As I had the time. I started complimentary yoga sessions. I started teaching the right way of breathing and asanas which help in not gaining weight while you sit idle at home. In fact, it would make you more fit and healthy. Without any planning and framework, I started immediately my Healing counselling sessions as well. And at that moment I realized that I could help people and give them the right direction on how to balance their Mind & Body and live consciously and happily without stressing too much.


Sometimes in life certain things happen on its own without your planning. Yes, it is good to plan but not always. We should Let the universe play its magic.

One must explore beyond their comfort level. And that is what I did. I had immersed deep into my research. I started to consistently write my book, which shifted my thoughts and opened new ways of thinking.

Learning and exploring is the tool for understanding your own self. Learning always opens the blockages in your mind and it breaks the barriers of a sub- conscious mind. It works like a vacuum cleaner and clears up all the dead, stale thoughts and changes the programming in your hard disk, which is your BRAIN.

Most of the times I used to wonder whether I would be doing the same thing for the rest of my life! And always one little inner voice would whisper “you have not come to this world just to work, earn, raise kids or make everyone happy. There is something special in you and you can be different.” And this thought was there in my sub-conscious mind. It is believed that when you enter a meditative phase in your life and learn to be quiet with your thoughts, you move closer to your purpose. You unknowingly start manifesting what you really want. And the same happened with me when I suddenly decided to start a new venture, FIND MY ‘ME’. This was completely my soul calling.

For me, the LOCK DOWN became FREEDOM, it reversed the entire philosophy for me.

FREEDOM of my mind, my surroundings, and so-called society.

I felt that I must help others around me and create a program which I am greatly confident about and which has actually helped me in my own thought process and transformed me completely to what I am TODAY.

Without any planning I was already helping and motivating a lot of people around me. I realized that I have the ability to motivate and help those people who are still struggling to understand the purpose of their life and are not aware of their own existence.

Find My ‘ME’ is an appropriate phrase for the kind of program, I am creating. As I am still finding MYSELF and I believe to find oneself is a lifelong process, in each stage of our lives we sometimes lose and then again trying to find our own self.

I am sure each one of us are also looking for these answers somewhere. Isn’t it?

Find my ‘ME’ is a Beginning to your journey of Self–Discovery, Self-Awareness, and identifying your True Purpose.

2020 has had a few downsides business wise but if you try to look at the bright side, I come to realize that it has been the best year for me to motivate me to make the best out of ‘ME’

@Find My ‘ME’


One thing I often avoid is being vulnerable. Being an only parent, I have been very strong and always been through challenges and difficult situations. For me, crying meant showing weakness and I used to feel that tears never solve any problems. I was always conscious about how my tears would be perceived. Would it show that I am weak? How would it make my children feel? As I never wanted my children to be weak and have any complex.

Since I did not want to show the world around me, the discomfort I faced, so I have always shown a stronger side of my personality.

But 2020 taught me a different lesson. “You can’t heal a wound if you keep pretending you are not bleeding.”

Unless you are not AWARE of your problem and do not accept it then how can you solve or HEAL it.

You are not feeling tired, frustrated, sad or anxious for no reason. Your emotions are a signal of what you are going through, even though you do not notice.

It is OK to feel low sometimes. It is OK to cry for no reason. It is OK not to do any activity all the time. It is OK to make mistakes. It is Ok to not be OK.

Not all days are sunshine and rainbows. And you are not a robot programmed to be happy 24/7. Listen to your inner voice. And it will lead you to your happy place.

What does 2020 mean to you?

These are all incredible lessons I learnt in this special year. What is your story? Share with me in the comment box, DM me or send mail on connect@vindikohli.com

HAPPY 2021 TO YOU. (2+0+2+1)



Vindi Kohli | Find My ‘ME’

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Vindi Kohli

A Lifestyle Mentor & A Mind Healer and I am here to help you identify your true self, to achieve Inner Peace, Inner Health, Love and Faith in your Life.

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Do you think diseases are hereditary?

Do you think diseases are hereditary?

“Hereditary is not the cause of illness. It is the ‘mindset’ that makes the illness Hereditary.”

“Hereditary is not the cause of illness. It is the ‘mindset’ that makes the illness Hereditary.”

As I grew up, I always heard that diseases are hereditary. Especially diseases like BP, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, cancer, etc. These are some of the diseases which every one of us thinks is hereditary.

I always have a difference of opinion in this particular topic irrespective of what is stated by doctors, researchers, or any other experts. As everyone has their own opinions according to their own experiences.

I am here not to challenge the experts, but today I just want to share my understanding with my experience in this regard, as the subject is always extremely sensitive in my life.


I have observed that most of the times we feel it is hereditary because it is been printed in our minds by our society, doctors, our family, and lot of information outside. Information is overloaded outside and more we want to consume it, the more overloaded we feel.

To be frank, have we ever even thought of evaluating why and how this illness made their way into our body in the first place? Simple and logic questions that never occurred to us. Isn’t’ it?

Even my husband was a patient of hypertension at a very young age and before we start to think of healing, or thinking about cure….the statements and declarations like “this is hereditary, papa had, most of your siblings are having this, your grandparents had ….. so, it is in our genes”, It is ok, start medication and you will be alright. Started pouring in these kinds of statements.

All these talks and statements start playing our mind and the mind manipulation begins. What will we do at that time? We immediately without even giving a second thought, consult the doctor and start medication: right? This is what happens 90% of the time.


My question here is that by doing this, are we taking full responsibility of that disease to be cured completely?

So we would not be able to take complete responsibility because behind our mind there is ‘Statement Strip’ running which says ‘Anyways it is hereditary so fine: ‘I am anyways taking medicines, what else I can do?’

So we normally imprison these thoughts in our mind and for ‘US’ the issue is settled.

But have we ever thought of changing this pattern in our life?

I think in most of the families it happens like this and no one is ready to shift their thoughts so easily, unless it comes within and with a strong will.

I have realized it in a hard way especially after losing an important person from my life, I have gone into deep research and study on this. I found a lot of different opinions on this subject.

I have learned that for “Every condition in our lives, there is a NEED FOR IT otherwise, we would not have it.”

I strongly feel that most of the diseases are related to MIND, EMOTION, OUR DIFFERENT THOUGHT PROCESS and definitely THE LIFESTYLE, especially thyroid, diabetes, BP, these are absolutely the lifestyle diseases, even cancer, lung-related, gastritis, kidney failures, gallbladder stones. etc…..so many … there is a big list of the diseases which is all related to EMOTIONAL SETBACK and LIFESTYLE.

One more observation I would like to stress upon here is that some early experiences too can shape some disorders as a child. The child’s mind is so accustomed to the family and is automatically grooved into the family health line, which grows along with the child.

There are lots of other diseases which are accidental, or by birth ….… we are not talking here so deeply about all those.

My point here is quite simple that are we taking OWNERSHIP of our own- self?

Are we taking RESPONSIBILITY for our own self?

I observed and experience that we can take responsibility for those activities, which we feel that no one else can do and I am the only one to take care and handle.



· Are we conscious about our body, our thoughts, our actions?

· Are we conscious about our food intake? How much to put inside and when?

· Are we conscious about our lifestyle, our daily exercises?

We are not conscious of all these things and always look for excuses. Because if we become conscious about all of this then we need to work on it.


· We need to control our taste buds.

· We need to control our lifestyle activities, like eating on time, sleeping on time, control on your social activities….. etc.

· We need to take up the physical exercises where WE need to work on that, not the doctors or a bunch of pills!

We all are having a fixed mindset and strong belief systems and we are not yet aware, to be flexible enough to change those fixed thought process which can probably make a great difference in our life.


We are all intelligent and aware of so many things, but still, something is lacking and that is ‘OWING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS YOUR MIND, BODY AND EMOTIONS.’

So, let us begin today by taking owning our actions and responsibilities towards ourselves, our body, mind, emotions.


Vindi Kohli | Find My ‘ME’

Email us- connect@vindikohli.com

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SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF KARWA CHAUTH-It’s the time of gratitude, look at yourself w/t a new…

Spiritual Significance of Karwa Chauth-It is a time of gratitude, believe in you and look at yourself with a new vision.”

‘Find my ‘ME’ with Vindi Kohli’


It is a traditional festival which holds much significance in the Northern parts of India. From my childhood days, I have seen the traditions and rituals which are followed based on certain fixed patterns like the traditional way of eating and performing puja.

My mother was very modern and open-minded, but she never let go of some traditions and rituals which were close to her heart, which she followed in a certain way. I also adopted some of them and since my in-laws had modern thinking, I adopted the comfortable way of doing things.

My smile breaks when my children question me about why I am not familiar with customs and not aware of our traditions. I always believe that first, we should be comfortable what we are doing, whether it is our culture, tradition or any other activity, we must understand logically before we perform certain actions rather just following the crowd blindly.


I always say that everything our parents and ancestors did in their time was right for them at their time, but, as we move on a lot of changes take place over time. So, we need to move ahead with the time and update our actions, beliefs, and practices, and align them with our present circumstances and time. We need to ask ‘why’ we are doing certain actions and if we understand and comfortable then no harm to following that.

There is a beautiful story I read in one of the book (The Awakening) — which represent the fixed way of looking at the things.



One day a child was watching her mother prepare a lobster for lunch. ‘Why are you cutting off its tail?’ she asked. ‘Hmm,’ replied her mother, as she dropped the pieces into boiling water, ‘Now you ask, I’m not sure why. It’s something your Grandma showed me how to do.’ Curious, the little girl ran off to find her grandmother. ‘Grandma! Why do you cut off the lobster’s tail before you boil it?’ Her grandmother said, ‘No idea, to be honest. My mother always did it like that.’ The girl found her great-grandmother in her rocking chair. The old lady laughed. ‘Do they still do that? I just cut it up to fit it into my pan. Funny isn’t it? The two generations followed a practice blindly, which was done for a practical reason. This says it all. Follow and practice what you believe in and try to find it out why it is done before following it blindly.

I always asked my mom about all these festivals and traditions, ‘WHY’ are we doing it? But whenever I did not get any convincing reply, I made my understanding and adopted new style patterns for everything at my ease and belief.

Today my daughter asked me why I am keeping this Karwa Chauth Fasting, it is a tradition that is observed for husband. I always say that am keeping it for ME, and for you, as for me you all are my strength and always next to me.

Even regarding the story of Karwa Chauth, I always wonder what the true meaning of it is? we are just doing it because others are saying so.

While in my research I came across to the different story on Karwa Chauth on the spiritual aspect, totally different and logic outlook. Sharing with you, must-read, and let me know whether you are getting connected to….



A woman named Karwa was deeply devoted to her husband. Her intense love and dedication towards her husband gave her shakti (spiritual power). While bathing in a river, her husband was caught by a crocodile. Karva bound the crocodile with cotton yarn and asked Yama (the god of death) to send the crocodile to hell. Yama refused. Karva threatened to curse Yama and destroy him. Yama, afraid of being cursed by Pati-vrat (devoted wife), sent the crocodile to hell and blessed Karva’s husband with long life. Karwa and her husband enjoyed many years of wedded bliss. To this day, Karwa Chauth is celebrated with great faith and belief.

Initially, this festival was held only in North and North-Western parts of India. One of the reasons is that Karwa Chauth usually falls in that time of year when folks depart for a long-distance journey. Entire India was divided into many kingdoms governed by Kings.

Generally, War between these Kings used to take place and for war month of September/October was the right time to attack as there would be no rainfall and secondly, as there were no bridges across the river this time was the right time for War as water flow in river remain constant and less compared to the rainy season. The areas remained dry until the Monsoon is back. It is believed that women in that part of the region started observing fast for the wellbeing and prolonged life of their husbands who have set on a long journey.

The second reason is this period falls during the wheat sowing period, that is, the onset of Rabi crop season. People used to store wheat in big earthen clay pots which are known as ‘Karva’. So, Karva Chauth was started as a wish for reaping the good harvest in this wheat sowing region so that her husband and all family members will be happy.

Whatever history has to say, Karwa Chauth is now celebrated with great pomp and is considered as a very auspicious occasion for married women. This festival reinforces the bond of love between husband and wife and hence, is special for every married person.

Various reasons, a different perspective, and numerous stories weave around Karva Chauth. Our Indian culture has given us rituals and traditions in abundance, but the logic behind it which we fail to see. Our festivities, traditions, values are beautiful and bring everyone together, a reason to celebrate which we all look forward to it. Whatever be the traditions and rituals, when it is observed wholeheartedly, with belief, and complete understanding, it turns more beautiful and adds value to the celebration.

“Let the moon guide you through its brightness and shine. It is a time of gratitude, gracefully acknowledging your inner beauty. Invite synchronicity into your life and believe in you and look at yourself with a new vision.”

Happy Karwa Chauth!

I am Vindi Kohli, A Lifestyle Mentor, A Mind Healer and I am here to help you identify your true self, to achieve Inner Peace, Inner Health, Love and Faith in your Life.


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‘Find my ‘ME’ with Vindi Kohli’

@Illustration by Aishwarya Taneja

“Self-consciousness is not knowledge but the story, one tells about oneself”

Few years back, we were renovating our house and we thought of giving names to each one of the rooms, to identify each member’s style sensibility. We decided, instead of having typical names, let us create innovative illustration according to their passion/ hobbies.

My niece, who is an illustrator and since she knows our taste and passion, she designed some beautiful illustrations for each one of us.

All my 3 daughters have different skills and taste. One is passionate about cakes and pets; she created her pictures based on that. Another daughter is a cricketer, so she made the illustration of her holding a bat. And in this way, she had created very innovative and beautiful according to each one of our hobbies.

As I was passionate about Yoga and meditation, she created my illustration picture doing yoga on the mat, which was so thoughtful and she had tweaked the pic with me holding the phone in one hand which showed me struggling to look at the phone as I have a blur vision if I do not wear my glasses :P.

@Illustration by Aishwarya Taneja

Even though it was so innovative and cute but looking at that, my reaction was extremely negative. I was little upset and felt so offended seeing that picture. I immediately started defending myself, that am not like this, I do not see the phone while doing mediation and yoga.

Everyone found that it is cool, cute, and funny, but I felt that they all are bullying me and making fun of me. Instead of enjoying the moment of fun and appreciating my picture, I became serious, started giving justification without even anybody demanding it. The laughter became louder again, and I felt like I was laughingstock and tears filled in my eyes. Everyone in the family started comforting and convincing me to take things in the lighter spirit, rather than taking it so seriously…

But the random thoughts were overtaking my mind, ruining that happy moment. I was more focused or rather concerned about my so-called IMAGE… even when others were taking lightly- Me “Always wanting to have a perfect image” it kept on haunting me.

Now you all must be wondering, why am I sharing this incident with you all? This is quite common in all of us. This is called SELF CONSCIOUSNESS. In simple words ‘Self Consciousness as being Conscious of oneself as an individual’. It is often associated with shyness and embarrassment, in which case a lack of pride…

Even though that illustration was really beautiful and innovative but I was unable to accept it because I always see myself as a studious, and a very devoted person in my practices but what disturbed me was how other people have different perceptions about me. The incident upset me for so many days and I sobbed about how others are thinking about me and that too my own people.

It took us a lot of time to understand that how this small incident has disturbed us, We all have a choice to take things lightly and to let go but NO it is the question of our reputation or self-pride. So, what is reputation? It’s entirely what we think of ourselves… What we create in our mind’s eye becomes the reality for us and we start looking at the world with those eyes…

Lots of times we all must have seen or noticed if anyone, either our spouse or children or a very close friend or business associate, comment on us which we do not expect and when they comment, we become very conscious because we are not aware of those facts or situations. So therefore, SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS IS LACK OF AWARENESS OF OUR ACTS AND ACCEPTANCE OF OUR DEEDS.

The people who are conscious about themselves will have sometimes low self-esteem as well. They are obsessed by their looks and actions based on other people’s opinion.

They are always busy in their own judgment and this self-criticism creates insecurities and makes them sensitive.

Whenever you are self-conscious you are simply showing that you are not conscious of the self at all. You do not know who you are. If you had known, then there would have been no problem — then you are not seeking opinions. Then you are not worried what others say about you — it is irrelevant!

You might feel that it is funny but that is the fact that sometimes when we are so much worried about our image then we start assuming things. No one has time to even think so much which we all sit and break our head in all these petty things in our lives and end up spoiling our health, relationship, and our inner peace.

These unhealthy self-conscious emotions result in social anxiety and lead to isolation sometimes because we become self-defensive, always react to the situation in pursuit of trying to prove us right.

A self-conscious person always wears a mask in public trying to hide their identity and becoming someone just to please the crowd and gain self-appreciation. In pursuit of this, we fail to realize that by hiding our identity we miss the opportunity to connect with other people on heart to heart level and we miss those beautiful present moments, that actually can give us much more happiness…

Thus, it takes a lifetime for all of us to fully accept ourselves without caring about reactions and judgements of others. I wish we learn early to accept ourselves unconditionally to be genuinely happy.

How can we remove these fake masks?

Identify your Self-conscious triggers — It can be your appearance, your accent, your intellectual disabilities, so many factors like this. Identify what it is which you get disturbed with, write it in a journal or talk to someone.

Challenge your negative thoughts. Have a reality check. Manage your reactions. These all can happen once you know yourself fully, try to bully yourself, make fun of yourself. Work on yourself, build your self- confidence, be truthful, be yourself, work on changing the inner YOU.

Most important thing is to ‘BE AWARE’ and identify your thought patterns. Try to redirect your attention.

“CHANGE yourself and the world will CHANGE.”

“The world is a mirror, defined what WE THINK and what WE ARE.

“Life is all about ME so find your ME as soon as possible.”

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“Winners do not make excuses and they never procrastinate.”


“Winners do not make excuses and they never procrastinate.”

“Procrastination is the act of unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions.”

For example, if we need to write a journal, our goals, intentions, or our feelings, but end up wasting time on the internet, social media even though we know that we should be working on this. That means, that we are procrastinating.

When I was in school, I knew that I need to perform but still used to waste a lot of time in playing, watching TV and ignoring my own responsibilities and then expecting to get better grades and results but always lacking.

Even in business, there was times when business were slow and I used to always say that clients are not coming or approaching but actually I was lazy in not networking, marketing, or creating new products for them, and instead wasted a lot of time in complaining and feeling pity and helpless.

When I was literally on bed for years, my back was too bad. And I used to always postpone my exercises for next day and complained that the doctors are not giving me the proper treatment and I am not improving. So basically, I was lazy and not ready to take an action which needs commitment and discipline and I was not ready for it and I ignored and postponed my health issues.

Procrastination is often harmful to people’s ability to successfully pursue their goals, for example

· Worse grades

· Lower salary at work

· Increased stress

· Worse physical and mental health

So, we always look for external reasons to blame, we never take ownership of our own actions and decisions.

So, let’s look at this, why do we procrastinate?

People are more likely to procrastinate when their goals are vague or abstract, compared to when their goals are concrete and clearly defined.

The other factors of procrastinate are because of their self-control and motivation, which might be delayed by factors such as tiredness, boredom, laziness, lack of confidence. And somewhere looking for rewards that are far in the future are over weighed by demotivating factors, such as anxiety and fear of failure.

Even having many options in life, can drag the decisions and therefore, we are unable to take the right action.

We should remember that procrastination will not help. So, to postpone your task to next day is the lack of clarity, self-esteem, laziness and majorly not having concrete goal plan.

Please understand that you will not become young, wise, or intelligent by postponing your goals for tomorrow. It shows lack of faith in yourselves and your inability to manage your time. Sitting on social media, internet, is wasting a lot your precious time and energy. Rather you use your energy and efficiency on your goals and career which at the end of the day will give you more happiness and success.

Sleeping late nights and getting up late, actually you are losing efficiency and losing opportunity to admire the beautiful golden mornings which is actually a gift to all of us and we are not valuing and wasting our time in over sleeping. In fact, Studies have proven that people who procrastinate the most suffer from insomnia.

Keep in mind that day by day we are getting older than yesterday, less courageous, and no one knows what is stored for us tomorrow.

See the example of pandemic, no one predicts this anytime. By procrastinating important tasks, we are postponing our success, health and happiness.


So today itself make your goal and without wasting any moment take immediate action.

· Cleanliness- If your space needs decluttering please do it today.

· Business- If In business, your planning is lacking, do it today. If you are planning to revamp your business, please make strategy today itself. So, take the help of external sources to sort the things out for you.

It says that if anything is existing that is THIS MOMENT, nothing else. So, make use of this moment and take right decision for yourself.

· Relationship — In relationship, if you want to forgive someone or thinking of patching up, please do it today.

· Forgiveness- If you want forgiveness from someone and thinking will go next time or feeling conscious to do, please act right away.

· Acknowledge- If you want to say your parents, children, siblings, or your friends that you love them, please do not postpone, say it today.

· Health — if you want to join Gym, Yoga or any other exercise please do not postpone, Join today itself.

· Spirituality — If you want to learn meditation please enroll today.

The most important is that sit now and make your Goals and set your intentions. And based on that take right actions…

So, let us remember- “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”


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The Art of Mentoring


“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” — Barbara A Goff.

Have you ever felt lost in your life? Have you ever felt like you want to achieve a lot but do not know how to proceed?

Maybe you have an idea or a thought, but you do not know how to create and execute your ideas in a better way to get better results. You might know your goal but maybe your sense of direction is missing? And there may be many more questions for which you want your answers.

Life is quite monotonous after a point of time; we get so engrossed and busy in our day to day lives, where we are left with no time for ourselves. Life has become mechanical, instead of innovating, we repeat our routines in a set pattern for years together.

No matter what we do, most of us are still dissatisfied with the way life is and there is always a part of us that wants to be progressive and wants to do something different as it is very important for one to challenge oneself time and again.

We often complain about our Life and business coming to a standstill, and we as an individual feel like we are not growing, this eventually results in stress and anxiety.

Experience has taught me that life is all about Learning. Learning keeps you going, it keeps adding new parameters into your life. It helps you in your way of thinking. It helps you in mending your mindset, helps you grow; it opens your intellectual qualities. It makes you skillful, confident, and perfect at what you do.

I was a very curious child and was confident but ignorant at times. When I was in school I was never fond of academics and as a result my grades were never impressive.

As time passed by and I grew older, I started realizing my potential and started looking up at my surroundings, my siblings, my parents, and my grandfather as my Role Models. As a result, I became more aware and serious in getting better. I started to realize the importance of studies and the importance of perfection and therefore, my journey of learning began.

Even as a homemaker I looked for opportunities to keep learning new things and thrived to excel at it.

I always believed in staying up to date with the fast-paced world around me. I never lost an opportunity to learn new things, be it Spirituality, cooking, fashion designing, interior designing or Business management courses, etc.

I always jumped at any opportunity that came my way. Eventually I realized just learning everything is not enough. Implementing and making use of this knowledge is even more important and that is what really matters.

Even though I was running two successful companies I never missed an opportunity to join different forums to widen my horizon. I joined institutes like IIM Bangalore, PLP, and personal training in my field to grow and expand my company and widen my knowledge.

As learning always teaches you to be upgraded, confident and gets you to be aligned with your thoughts, making you aware of your own weaknesses, and most importantly, LEARNING KEEPS YOU GROUNDED. There is no age bar to learn, according to me life is much more interesting if you are always a student, inquisitive about your body, mind, or the materialistic world.

We need happiness, success, wealth, health in life and these things are related to 4 Segments / Bodies which are really important for us, i.e, PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL. These segments are the pillars for our GROWTH. And even if one is missing, our growth will be hampered and it will impact the other segments as well.

Experience is the greatest teacher above all, after learning I tried to implement what I learnt but always felt the lack of direction to take things forward. As I never realized that I needed to balance all my 4 Segments/ Bodies.

Venturing into new segments and managing business is not an easy task, but everything happened with a blink of an eye, and we started 3 new ventures at the same time. The idea and intention were right, but the approach and direction were not.

Detailing and Direction is important and so is a good and smooth system, absence of which led to mismanagement.

I was upgrading myself but never had continuous support of hand holding in different segments, which I realized much later in my life. I spent a lot of time thinking how to get it all together and get things to normal.


I had the knowledge, I knew my goal but I lacked the method or the way forward. This is when I realized the answer to all my questions and what I needed in life was- A MENTOR, A TEACHER, A GURU or A GUIDE.

I needed a MENTOR in every segment, who could guide me in every step and gave me some clarity and direction in my day to day approach.

Yes, a MENTOR is someone who can help you break your set patterns of your thinking and give you the ability and confidence to learn more and perform. He/ she will also give you the courage and trust in your own abilities and belief that you can achieve your goals. A MENTOR is someone who allows you to see hope within yourself.

How many of us agree on this?

The reason I narrated the above incidents is that even though you are comfortable in your space but in order to avoid situations where you feel stuck or lost, it is important to have a MENTOR who would guide you through every step and influence you positively, by alerting you with the possible failures or hurdles.

I am sharing this thought with you because I have felt and experienced, that one should not wait to commit a mistake and then realize the importance of a GUIDE/ GURU or a MENTOR.

Avoid the situation where you are stuck in your life, either FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY OR SPIRITUALLY. At any time if you feel that you are stuck in any of these 4 segments, immediately take a call to have A MENTOR, in your life who can help you in all these areas.

A MENTOR is like the mirror of you, who can see things that you cannot see because they are watching you from the Bird’s eye view, which help them to analyze the situation better. A MENTOR takes a long-range view of your growth and development. He/ She Helps you see the destination but does not give you a detailed map to get there rather they help you to explore your own limitations.

So now please sit and evaluate which of your areas are grey in your life? is it career? Is it your job? Is it your relationships? Married life? Social life? Spiritual life or any other area?

List them out and identify what kind of A MENTOR or A GUIDE is suitable for you. A MENTOR could be anyone, Your Friend, Teacher, Parent, a Well-wisher, or an Expert.

Once you identify your MENTOR, at that time do not think and calculate, just hire or share your thoughts and feelings with them because one RIGHT EXPERT / MENTOR can change your life and bring happiness, satisfaction, success, fame, power, and money to you.

So, do not wait and start your search TODAY!!

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There is a famous saying by Oprah Winfrey- ”Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

In today’s fast-paced world, chronic stress is quite common and sadly,

it is our body and mind that becomes the victim of such stress.

Back pain is the most common complaint that we often get to hear.

The best and simplest cure for any kind of back pain is to stay active.

Here are some handful of tips that will help you relieve your back pain.

Today am here to share with you 5 magical tips to take care of your back pain.

1- Keep moving- Yes you heard it right. It is a myth that one should take compete rest in back pain. Along with some amount of rest, movement is always good for the back.

2. Strengthening & Mobility- To get back the movement to normal is a slow process and only stretches, strengthening & mobility of your back muscles is a permanent solution. Most of the medical treatments in back pains only give temporary comfort. So it’s important to keep your body active by doing some simple stretches and concentrate to strengthen your muscles around the pain area..

3. Avoid sitting on soft cushions, for example, a sofa or a bed, instead sit on a chair or flat surface. Also, make sure you do this at least thrice a week. Lie down on the floor with legs straight touching a wall or any other support (lie down in a L shape with your glutes as close to the wall). Stay in this position for 5 mins. This will help you in blood circulation for your pain and give you instant relief.

4. Posture is the key when suffering from back pain. Try to Sit erect most of the time. Keep a pillow below your knees and sleep in a straight position.

5- Everything is in the Mind — Most importantly, do not think about your pain, think about the action for that pain. A lot of the pain and illness is related to the mind.


It is the ‘thought’, the ‘want’ and the willpower that plays a vital role to recover. This the formula to treat the back issues.

Hope these tips are helpful to you … start implementing it from today..

I have started my Facebook page on Find my ‘ME’ journey. It is all about Loving yourself, Exploring yourself, Learning and An Action taking platform. If anyone of you need to know more about it please do send me a message, and I will get back to you.

I am Vindi Kohli, A Lifestyle Mentor, Mind Healer and I am here to help you identify your true self, to achieve Inner Peace, Inner Health, Love and Faith in your Life.

Thank you so much


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“The way we think, we become. The way we live, we act.”


Today I am going to talk about the way we lead our lives.

The most important thing to understand is Our lifestyle, If we are facing any issues in our body, whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental, that’s absolutely because of the lifestyle we are leading.

I believe if we change our way of Life, we can change our destiny. As I mentioned earlier that I was bedridden for a long time and today If am here and can practice yoga for hours together, it’s all about the lifestyle. There are certain things which we need to mend when it comes to Lifestyle.

I always say — that yoga is not the exercise its all about way of Life.

To have a better quality of life, you do not have to do too much. Start with the basics, there are few baby steps that can change in your daily routine. Things that are simple, but by doing them right, you will be helping your body.

Today am going to share simple 5 tips, if you can follow from today, you can have a better quality of life:

1.Posture- Posture depicts your self-confidence. If in appearance you seem to be slouching or Lethargically walking or standing, it does not serve good to your body as well as to yourself.

Consciously put effort to sit erect, walk straight, without bending your shoulders.

For eg- If you have important meeting or conference today and your body posture is laid back and lazy, or you are slouching, then it gives you the feeling of low confidence or lack of interest and unknowingly you are passing the lazy vibes around that. Your posture makes a world of a difference to a person’s psychology and presentation.

2.Drinking water — Over doing of everything is harmful, even when it comes to water. We all know that how much water is important for our body and wellness. But we never concentrate, on the way we drink water.

According to Ayurveda, our bodies are designed in a way so that we get maximum benefits when we sit down and exercise our body. That is why, there is a reason why our elders have always told us to sit down and eat and do the same while we drink water!

There are certain parts of our body which does not need too much of water, especially kidneys. So you need to consciously sit and drink water rather than stand, Why? When you drink water standing up, the water which goes in passes through the system with a straight gush, not really reaching the organs where it is supposed to do the job. Hence, the impurities which are supposed to go out get deposited in the kidneys and the bladder.

3. Gratitude- Start your day first with Gratitude- As soon as you get up, first consciously get up from the right side and start your day by thanking your body and thanking the power that you believe for the new day and for everything around you, your family, your house and All the comforts what you have.

4. Herbal Tea- Start your day with hot water or Herbal Water/Tea, may be with honey and lemon, or any other herbal infused tea that you would like. Avoid the use of tea leaves.

5. Avoid tea/ coffee along with breakfast — Try giving a gap of at least 30–45 min in your herbal tea and breakfast. In between you can have coconut water or fresh vegetable juice before consuming your breakfast. Try avoiding having tea / coffee along with your breakfast.

So lets start with these simple tips from today and please take the charge of your destiny right Now. Below is the Herbal tea Recipe.





RAISINS — 10–15

Boil the water nicely. And switch off the gas. Add holy basil leaves and raisins and cover it with the lid. After 10 min mash the leaves, sieve and drink. Good for cold, cough, fever….

1.5 litre ORANGE TEA

4 inch Raw turmeric sticks (Kachi haldi)

1 inch ginger

20gms curry leaves

1 table spoon carom seeds (Ajwain)

4 inch Cinnamon (Dal Chini)

Slice or grate Turmeric sticks

Grate ginger with skin

Wash curry leaves remove dirt

Method :-

STRAIN AJWAIN — Soak Ajwain and remove the dirt and then sieve….

Boil 1500 ml water and then add Turmeric, cinnamon and carom seeds (Ajwain) .. boil them on slow heat then add curry leaves ..don’t boil on high flame it needs to infuse .. boil for 15–20 mins …then sieve it and have it hot, early in the morning, after Lunch, and after dinner. This quantity is 300 ML ready, distribute into 6–50 ml a cup and Consume it thrice. You can have at least 100 ml in a day.

The left-over extract do not throw u can reuse for next tea by adding little fresh ingredients. And after using twice, you can grind it and can be applied on the hair and body as pack while taking bath.

We need to be conscious what we are putting in this body , whether its food, or a Thought … LIVE LIFE CONSCIOUSLY

I have started my Facebook page on Find my ‘ME’ journey. It’s learning and action taking platform, if anyone of you need to know more about it please do send me a message, and I will get back to you.

I am Vindi Kohli, A Lifestyle Mentor and Mind Healer and I am here to help you identify your true self, to achieve Inner Peace, Inner Health, Love and Faith in your Life.

Thank you so much


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