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Learn How To Heal Holistically & Rediscover Yourself!

I help working professionals permanently eliminate physical and emotional pain without depending on drugs, pills, or surgeries. I make them realize their true and full potential by healing their subconscious mind & create the Mind-Body connection to achieve Emotional Congruence by using the RHYTHM Mind-Body Healing within 90 days.

About Me
Hello! I'm Vindi Kohli...

A Single Mom, “Homemaker turned Entrepreneur to a Psychotherapist, a Life designer”, and a spiritually grounded, compassionate mother of 3 beautiful girls, who have always believed in herself. I have invested over 25 years in healing & transforming thousands of people.

I am an international best-selling author of the book Find My ‘ME’, a Journey to Self-Discovery. 

Today I am on a mission to Empower Working professionals to get rid of their Physical, Emotional & Mental pain & be the Master of their Inner & Outer World by recognizing TMBS (tension mind-body syndrome) using the RHYTHM Mind-Body Healing.

I Founded ‘Find My ‘ME’ Holistic Healing Retreat in 2020 to bring Awareness with the philosophy “HEAL THE MIND, HEAL THE BODY & BE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN DESTINY” 

Rediscover Yourself

I’m on a mission to help 1,00,000 Working Professionals to get rid of their physical, mental and emotional pain, have clarity in finding their True Inner Purpose, Self-Love & Peace of Mind by using the RHYTHM MIND-BODY HEALING TOOL. My Vision is to co-create the Healing Echo system to ‘REDISCOVER YOURSELF’ and create your Powerful Inner Avatar where you can be the Ringmaster of your own life.

From Stress to Self-Realization

With over 25 years of experience in Holistic Healing, Spirituality & Personal development, I help Working Professionals, and healers understand their deep-rooted fears & triggers in their INNER & OUTER worlds. This gives them clarity, and that can shift their perspective to have happy and healthy life.


I Founded this Healing Retreat in 2020 to bring Awareness with the philosophy “HEAL THE MIND, HEAL THE BODY”. We are now thousands of paid members and enriching their lives with this powerful transformation knowledge.

Awards, Achievements & Recognitions


Thousands of Members are Growing & Transforming; We are creating a Healing Echo System for the New and Beautiful World.

Step 1


Be aware of your current situations and learn to build 3 Strong Pillars to master your mind for real success, inner peace, and fulfilment by implementing the 3A’s model.

Step 2


Acknowledge the challenges and their solutions and Free yourself from unwanted emotional pain.

Step 3


Become incredibly healthy in body, mind, and spirit and Take action to Discover your true purpose and passion


Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and transform yourself. 

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Find My 'ME' - The Book

Discover the INNER YOU with Vindi Kohli

It is difficult to complete the Outer Journey of life without considering the Inner Purpose. There are many ways and million steps in the Outer Journey but there are minimal steps for the Inner Journey. 

Most of the time we put our life on auto-pilot mode and flow with the emotions as it comes. It is important to be aware of our goal, understand, and live to the fullest with a meaning that we have sought.

Find My ‘ME’ journey will help you discover your excellence, life’s purpose, and self-understanding. It is a journey where you must invest your Determination, Complete Involvement, Discipline, and Commitment to reach your Destination.

Achieve your Internal Identity, there requires a significant level of Thoughtfulness and Mindfulness. Find My ‘ME’ will take you through the expedition of Meditation, Healing, and Yoga to awaken your Inner Self.

Let us be together in this journey of Awareness through Mindful activities, exploring the profound truths of our existence. On this platform, You will learn to be grounded in your approach and work on your ability to get Physical, Mental, Emotional & Financial Stability by sharing the vivid form of the journey, so that you discover a sense of Inner Connection.

Mentors & Gurus


Visionary Spiritual Guru

Jack Canfield

Corporate Management Trainer

Blair Singer

Leadership Mastery Expert

Yogendra Singh Rathore

India’s Leading NLP Master

Rajiv Talreja

Business Coach

Surendran J

Founder & CEO – Success Gyan

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