I'm Vandana Raj,

Vindi Kohli

pen name…

I’m on a Mission to Aspire to Empower at least 1 million Female Millennials to get the clarity in finding their True Inner Purpose so that they can build Ultimate Inner Peace, Inner Love, & Wisdom and can be the Ringmaster of their own life by using RHYTHM Mind Tool.

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Who Is Vindi Kohli?

A Mother of 3 beautiful girls, An Entrepreneur, An Author, and Now a Life Designer and a Counsellor. 

So, many names are attached to this body.

Then who am I? Right, that is the question we all ask most of the time.

I was born in the vibrant town of Amritsar in Punjab and graduated in Arts, sociology, and Kathak classical dance. My journey began as a typical homemaker, who loved creating a warm environment for her family. But the Universe had other plans as I was made to take on the role of a single parent quite early in my life.

I started my career as a fashion designer and formalized all my learning & experiences Under the banner– “Vandana Raj”.

My learning and creation were not limited to the fashion business. It finds its pursuit in the form of my other venture- A Design & Construction Company which was started way back in 2007 after completing formal education in that space.

That’s not all!

‘Vindi’, as I have always known my cherished ones, is now following what I believe is my actual calling in life. And that is Inner-Discovery and Inner-Purpose. 

Being practicing spirituality from past 25 years, I was always looking for a meaning of this life. I always believe that we all live in two worlds: The Internal World & The Outer World. The Outer world is Materialism and The Inner World is Spirituality. 

The Outside World and Spirituality go hand in hand. Spirituality is the Inner lining and Materialism is the Outer lining of a person. And if we are able to balance Our Inner and Outer Selves, then life becomes much Happier, Peaceful, Loving and full of Confidence.

So, today I have started my program Under the name, FIND MY ‘ME’ – A Holistic Healing Retreat. A journey to Self-Discovery and Inner Transformation.

Find My ‘ME’ is the way to find your OWN IDENTITY, own ‘YOU’ & you will Love Yourself as you have never experienced it before.

I am here to guide you to find the true meaning of your life through a structured process of personalized counseling sessions & Workshops. 

My programs are crafted to keep your thoughts focused, help you discover yourself, and create the right mindset by implementing 3 A’s, which stands for ‘Awareness, Acceptance, and Action’.

And today, I’m on a mission to Aspire to Empower at least 1 million Working Professionals to get clarity in finding their True Inner Purpose by using the RHYTHM Mind tool. The R.H.Y.T.H.M. model is a modern age Mind tool that helps to reprogram the mental patterns to balance the four wheels of your life; Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual, where you have control of the life’s Steering Wheel.

“I am what I am doing.”- This is my approach and purpose in my life. 

I insist you all look and identify your Purpose in this Life. 

Let’s Breathe in a New life 😊

Love you!

Vindi Kohli

Mentors & Gurus


Visionary Spiritual Guru

Jack Canfield

Corporate Management Trainer

Blair Singer

Leadership Mastery Expert

Yogendra Singh Rathore

India’s Leading NLP Master

Brahma Kumari Shivani

Spiritual Guru

Swami Sukhabodhananda

Corporate Management Guru

Find My 'ME' - The Book

Discover the INNER YOU with Vindi Kohli

It is difficult to complete the Outer Journey of life without considering the Inner Purpose. There are many ways and million steps in the Outer Journey but there are minimal steps for the Inner Journey. 

Most of the time we put our life on auto-pilot mode and flow with the emotions as it comes. It is important to be aware of our goal, understand, and live to the fullest with a meaning that we have sought.

Find My ‘ME’ journey will help you discover your excellence, life’s purpose, and self-understanding. It is a journey where you must invest your Determination, Complete Involvement, Discipline, and Commitment to reach your Destination.

Achieve your Internal Identity, there requires a significant level of Thoughtfulness and Mindfulness. Find My ‘ME’ will take you through the expedition of Meditation, Healing, and Yoga to awaken your Inner Self.

Let us be together in this journey of Awareness through Mindful activities, exploring the profound truths of our existence. On this platform, You will learn to be grounded in your approach and work on your ability to get Physical, Mental, Emotional & Financial Stability by sharing the vivid form of the journey, so that you discover a sense of Inner Connection.

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