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How to move from confusion to clarity about your life's purpose and get a Step-By-Step strategy to achieve that?

Vindi Kohli is an international best-selling author of the book Find My ‘ME’. She is a Psychotherapist, Holistic Healer and NLP Practioner. She is on a mission to help Working Professionals to get clarity in finding their True Inner Purpose to have pain-free life, Confidence, Self-Esteem & Peace of Mind by using the RHYTHM Mind-Body Healing.

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It’s a 3 STEP PROCESS to get the clarity on your life’s purpose:

#1 Qualification

Make an appointment for 30 minutes Clarity Call to check if this One-On-One Counseling is the right choice for you.

#2 Discovery

We'll dig deeper to get you clarity on where you want to be in life and what's holding you back to achieve your Peak Performance.

#3 Roadmap

We’ll go into detail on your goals and purpose, and develop a step by step roadmap for you to make them happen.



Create Growth Mindset

Boost Your Confidence

Feel Energetic & Healthy

Gain Clarity & Direction

Bring Balance In All Domains Of Life

Become A Peak Performer

Journey from Fear To Freedom

Build Powerful Self-Esteem

Be Happy & Cheerful

Empower your Inner Self

Have a Calm & Relaxed Mind

Know Your Counselor

Vandana Raj, using the pen name Vindi Kohli, is a single mother and a former homemaker who transitioned into an entrepreneur and holistic therapist. She is a spiritually grounded and compassionate individual, raising three beautiful girls.

As a mother and entrepreneur, Vandana realized the significance of caring for both outer and inner health and finding balance amidst the busyness of life. In 2020, she founded the ‘Find My ‘ME’ Holistic Healing Retreat’ with the aim of co-creating a healing ecosystem. The retreat serves as a place to cultivate self-confidence, self-love, faith, stability, and clarity in one’s life.

Having dedicated more than 25 years to healing and transforming thousands of individuals from various walks of life, Vandana firmly believes in the connection between mind and body when it comes to pain and suffering. She helps people understand the balance between the two, striving to enhance their inner wisdom. Currently, she is supporting over 10,000 working professionals, women entrepreneurs, up-coming designers, healers, and homemakers in this journey.

Vandana is also an international best-selling author of the book “Find My ‘ME’.” Her mission is to assist 100,000 working professionals in recognizing the interaction between the mind and body, thereby gaining clarity in finding their true inner purpose and attaining peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle. She achieves this through the use of RHYTHM Mind-Body Healing.

RHYTHM Mind-Body Healing (RMBH) is a mentoring program based on the psychology of the human mind. It utilizes cognitive exercises to heal the subconscious mind, teaching individuals to identify and manage stress, develop coping skills for difficult emotions, and break the cycle of pain and tension associated with Mind-Body Syndrome (MBS).

The underlying principle of the MBS approach is that the body and mind are interconnected, and psychological stress can manifest as physical symptoms, including pain. By addressing the root cause of stress and repressed emotions, it is possible to reduce or eliminate pain.

Treatment for MBS typically involves a combination of physical therapy, stress management techniques, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Vandana encourages individuals to create their own destiny by living a life of pure awareness and pure consciousness.


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AT NAC 2019

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Yogendra Singh Rathore

India’s Leading NLP Master

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